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Mobile and Online Usage Data Combine in Powerful New Report

Nielsen and the IAB have launched a new digital measurement tool called Digital Ratings Monthly that merges online usage data (from their long standing desktop report – Nielsen Online Ratings) with the more recently released Mobile Ratings Report.  Digital Ratings Monthly means marketers are better informed about audiences, whether they are using desktop, smartphone or tablet devices. 

The IAB and Nielsen Digital Ratings (monthly) Report has huge implications for marketers and consumers. Until now there hasn’t been a single, unduplicated look at Australia’s total digital audience across desktop PC, smartphone and tablet for both web browsers and apps.  Marketers and publishers can now evaluate audience growth across all devices and make more accurate decisions about digital marketing investments as a result.

Some of the main findings from the February 2016 release of DRM:

  • The total active digital universe in Australia is close to 19.6 million people
  • 13.17 million Australians actively used smartphones in Feb 2016
  • 7.58 million Australians actively used tablets in Feb 2016
  • 17.95 million Australians actively used desktop computers in Feb 2016.
  • Australians now spend more time on their mobile than any other device.
  • Australians spend twice as long on smartphones and tablets combined than they do on desktop computers.
  • Australians spend 28 hours per month on mobiles
  • Australians spend 24 hours per month on a desktop computer
  • Australians spend 20 hours per month on a tablet
  • Viewing websites on smartphones more than doubled between May 2013 and Jan 2016.

Marketers can now evaluate Australia’s top digital publishers based on their total cross-device audience. The inclusion of mobile audiences has adjusted rankings in the top 10 publishers, with the biggest growth seen by those that have prioritised mobile over the last 3 – 5 years.  The report highlights that consumers are quickest to adopt mobile-led websites and apps, causing global companies like Facebook & Youtube to see incredible growth rates.  This report is yet another indicator that mobile led strategies, whether they be in publishing, marketing or software development are delivering the highest returns, the largest audiences and the deepest engagement.  

According to Nielsen, the February findings are also enlightening in terms of how consumers engage with mobile content, in particular how they view mobile ads.  If we saw shorter viewing sessions on mobile devices, that would indicate viewer frustration with the impact of ads on the smaller screen, but Nielsen’s head of Digital Audience Measurement for the region commented that this is not what they’re seeing.  Although Smartphones have less screen real-estate to work with, it does not appear to have an impact on viewing session length.

The fusion between Nielsen and the IAB’s online and mobile data will allow marketers to better understand how their audiences move and grow across digital audiences, regardless of device . Digital Ratings Monthly provides a level of device usage transparency that we haven’t seen in this market before.  With access to this kind of digital audience data, marketers can have greater confidence in their advertising initiatives, and use the knowledge to achieve greater engagement this year than ever before.

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