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80 minutes of Mobile Viewing a Month for Australians

Nielsen’s Australian Multi-Screen Report, released quarterly, is the first and only national research into trends in video viewing in Australian homes across television, computers and mobile devices.

The overwhelming findings of the last quarterly report were that television viewing is still growing strong, and although PC, tablet and smartphone viewing (of all TV & video content) is increasing, mobile viewing still only makes up 4% of total viewing.

The report for Q1 2012 identified the following trends:

  • Estimated 15% of Australian homes now have tablets
  • Estimated 48% of Australians over 16 now have smartphones
  • 96% of all homes have at least one DTT-enabled TV set
  • 47% of households have time-shifting devices such as PVRs
  • Video viewing via PCs, Tablets & Smartphones is rising rapidly from a small base
  • Watching any video content on tablets grew from 2% to 5% of the total online population (year on year to end 2011)
  • Australians spend approx 100 hours/month with traditional TV: up 1.2% year-on-year

Overwhelmingly, the largest available screen still dominates viewing, with 96% of all video still viewed on conventional TV.  See the below breakdown of average Australian TV & video viewing time for a month.

  • 3 hours 15 minutes per month on PCs (All People)
  • 1 hour 20 minutes per month on mobiles (people aged 16+; Q4 2011)
  • 97 hours 15 minutes per month on a traditional TV (All People)

It seems that rather than cannibalising TV viewing minutes, mobile viewing is simply increasing Australians’ overall viewing hours.  As Matt Bruce, MD of Nielsen’s media group in Australia, said, “Australians’ fast adoption of smart phones and tablets is in fact broadening the viewing opportunities of TV across multiple platforms”.

For more details on Australia’s MultiScreen Report for Q1 2012, or to enquire about accessing a copy of the report, visit the Nielsen website.

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