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ACMA says mobility is all consuming for Australians

ACMA has released its annual report into the communications and media market in Australia.  The report provides insights into Australia’s rapidly changing communications and media market. The Australian Communications and Media Authority is a government agency responsible for the regulation of broadcasting, the internet, radio communications and telecommunications.  The report includes key information about the uptake and usage of smartphones and tablets by Australians.  According to ACMA ‘Usage is up, choices and platforms are growing, mobility is all-consuming and our online experience is getting deeper and more intense”.

As at June 2013 there were 11.19 million people in Australia with a Smartphone and 62% of adult Australians use the internet via their mobile device.

ACMA Mobile Phone Use Chart

Below are some of the facts shared in the report:

  • There are 31.09 million mobile services in operation in Australia
  • 11.19 million people have smartphones
  • 7.5 million Australians accessed the internet via their mobile phones, (up 33%)
  • 42 per cent of adults access the internet via a mobile phone
  • 63 per cent of mobile phone internet users also have a home fixed-line internet connection (therefore 27% do not)
  • 62% of online Australians used three or more devices to access the internet (most commonly a smartphone, portable computer and a desktop computer)
  • 13.08 million Australians had downloaded a mobile app
  • 4.59 million people use VoIP services such as Skype)
  • VoIP via mobile phones increased by 73 per cent to 1.06 million users
  • VoIP via tablets increased by 150 per cent to 966,000.
  • (See our detailed discussion about the potential impact of recent moves from Facebook and Whatsapp on these figures in Australia)
  • The average mobile phone internet user downloaded 1 GB of data (compared to 107 GB for the average fixed-line broadband user)

If you are more of a visual person, you can review the YouTube clip below for a Prezi  overview of the  key findings from the report, or scroll down to see the infographic.  You can click on the video (bottom right icon) to maximise and view it full screen.

ACMA Communications Report 2012-13


The report can be downloaded in full directly from  ACMA Communications report 2012–13 or you can visit the ACMA site for more information and access to individual chapters, all of the tables in MS Excel format, as well as the above info graphic and the Prezi presentation of the key findings.

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