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Android Extends Lead on Australian iPhone Sales

According to the IDC’s global market share figures for Q2 2013, devices running Google’s Android OS continue to dominate the global market, building on their lead ahead of the iPhone in sales of smartphones globally. Android’s market share grew to 79.3 per cent in Q2 while the iPhone slipped to 13.2% from 16.6%.

To put some real numbers around that, in the quarter from April – June 2013, 187 million devices running the Android Operating System were sold globally.  That compares to 31.2 million iPhones.  Coming in well behind in 3rd place is Windows which hit 3.7% globally.  It’s a small number comparatively, but  that’s up 77% , driven primarily by sales of 2 new Nokia devices running the Windows OS.

To compare these global results with what’s happening in Australia, we can look at the Kantar WorldPanel ComTech figures, which break down smartphone OS sales by country.  Australia iPhone sales have stabilised at around 28% while Android continues to creep up, now sitting on just under 65%.    Android’s  growth is at the expense of the other devices including Blackberry and Symbian.

Android devices were late to take off in Australia, but the operating system’s global dominance is beginning to be reflected here as well.  Android’s 64.6% market share of sales here is well ahead of the 51.5% seen in the US, but not as high as the global figure of almost 80%.

Kantar WorldPanel ComTech Smartphone OS Sales Share Q2 2013

KWP Market Share Australia











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