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APAC Champions World in Mobile Usage

Each year, We Are Social publishes a report aimed at mobile usage, and helps marketers define where and when consumers wish to meet brands. This year’s impressive figures reveal that APAC’s monthly mobile data traffic, among other notable numbers, is as high as the rest of the world combined. While the world’s mobile consumption habits prompt brands to come up with more digital, this analysis puts extra emphasis on the importance of marketers performing contextual research, offering up more opportunities to engage, and take advantage of opportunities to convert. We’ve summarised the findings below:

  • Australia accounted for 4.12 billion gigabytes of mobile data, compared to 4.88 billion gigabytes total for all other regions.
  • 2.539 billion of 2.789 billion social media users came from mobile.
  • Laptop and desktop computers saw a 20% decrease in usage, sending global web traffic down 45%.
  • A 30% increase in mobile usage shows mobile browsing accounts for half of the world’s web traffic.
  • The number of unique mobile users increased by 5% since February 2016, while the number of active mobile users increased by 30% since January 2016.
  • Asia-Pacific hosts 1.909 billion internet users (46% penetration), 1.514 billion of which are active social media users.
  • Mobile subscriptions have reached 3.999 billion in APAC, accounting for 96% of the population.
  • Active mobile social users have reached 1.441 billion, or 35%.
  • Singapore is home to the third fastest fixed internet speed worldwide, leading Singaporeans to spend 2.21 hours accessing the internet via mobile daily.
  • Mobile accounts for 44% of web traffic in Singapore, and 36% in Australia.
  • While social media growth and time spent using social media in Australia are both relatively low, 75% of Australians who have Facebook profiles use the platform each day, with 80% accessing the app from a smartphone.
  • 70% of Singaporeans have a mobile social media account, ranking it tenth in the world in mobile social penetration.
  • One in four people uses mobile applications for product research, with APAC seeing the highest growth in this area.
  • 67% of Australia’s mobile connections are post-paid, while the remaining 33% are paid in advance.
  • Australia hovers at 128% mobile connectivity, or 1.2 mobile connections per person.
  • Singapore ranks third highest in mobile broadband connectivity at 99%, with Australia ranking behind at #8, at 98%.
  • Australians access the internet via mobile devices 1 hour and 36 minutes per day, while Singaporeans access the mobile web for 2 hours and 21 minutes daily.
  • 60% of Singapore’s total population bought something online in the past month, with 40% saying this transaction occurred on a mobile device.
  • 60% of the total population in Australia bought something online in the past month, with 27% saying this transaction occurred on a mobile device.
  • The growth of m-commerce shoppers has APAC carefully considering strategies, as Australia saw a 40% year-on-year growth in the number of shoppers purchasing via mobile, and Singapore seeing a 36% year-on-year growth.

australian smartphone usage

As organic reach continues to decline, brands must settle into the new order of ‘pay to play,’ social sharing, and engaging ads to properly reach their audience. After social video stole the show last year, Cisco predicted that 82% of all consumer internet traffic would be video by 2020. Positions like this only further propagate the trend of familiarising and implementing mobile video into advertising strategies this year. Mobile messaging apps are the most popular form of mobile social in the world, and brands that can fit this type of engagement into their strategy are the ones who’ll have leverage in persuading users to convert to buyers. This type of audience value feeds on relevant, organic conversations that stem from the value brands add to the conversation.  

With traditional websites becoming less relevant, and brands viewing mobile social as ‘walled gardens’, the key is enabling users to do everything they need to do while remaining in-app, whether it be purchasing, online engagement, or other activities. In whole, We Are Social found 2017 to be prime for new mobile users to spend money through the device, and said optimised mobile payment infrastructures and dedicated mcommerce services will propel greater choices and more convenience to consumers.

“Omnichannel thinking must evolve beyond buzzwords to inform every aspect of the brand’s thinking, including product development, advertising and promotion, point-of-sale, fulfillment and delivery, and even after-sales care.” – Simon Kemp, We Are Social

In the coming months, brands must understand the role of algorithms in their marketing initiatives, and treat digital the way we all treat electricity: It’s a necessity to all, and for all our benefit.

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