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Are You Building an mCommerce Solution?

Kelly Slessor at BanterMob has asked why Australian retailers are yet to get with the m-commerce program.  It’s a good question!   Kelly suggests it might be the complexity platform integration, cost, proof of concept or lack of expertise.  We don’t have the answer, but I’d be learning towards a lack of local expertise within retail organisations, and a lack of appreciation of the speed at which mobile usage has exploded in Australia.

Kelly has some tips for retailers who are ready to move, and her number one piece of advice is spot on:

  • Review the mobile traffic already visiting your website.

Traffic from mobile devices already makes up 12% of overall internet traffic in Australia (up 65% on last year) but depending on your customers, your percentage may be much higher.   In fact Facebook just announced that their mobile usage exceeded web usage for the first time in Q4 2012.   If you haven’t checked these numbers, there’s a pretty big chance you are turning away as many as half your potential customers.

While you’re looking at mobile traffic, the Brand Chemistry guys also add the following suggestions on their blog:

  • Check your top 5 keywords on Google Analytics: what % were via mobile devices?
  • If you run a e-newsletter, what percentage of recipients opened it on their mobiles?

Now try to access your regular website with a smartphone and ask yourself what percentage of your customers you’d be happy to provide a substandard experience to.   5 Percent?  10 Percent?

If you’re an Australian retailer, I’m thinking 2013 could be the year of mobile for you.


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