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Australian Mobile Downloads up 32% in 6 months

According to ABS figures for June 2012, there are now 16.2 million mobile phones in Australia, up 7% in 6 months. Based on ISP figures, the amount of data downloaded through mobile phones has increased by 32% in the same period.

Australian Mobile Downloads were calculated by asking ISPs to estimate the volume of data downloaded by subscribers with internet access connections via a mobile handset.   The amount reported was 6600 terabytes for the 3 months to June 2012 (that’s just over 6 million gigabytes, if you were wondering!)

This means that data downloaded over WiFi connections is not included in this number.  Rather, any data downloaded to a mobile phone via a home or office WiFi network would have been counted in the ABS analysis of fixed internet downloads, which was up 20% in the same period. I wonder how much of the fixed internet

For more information, check out the analysis on the Startup Smart website or go direct to the ABS website to see the data and draw your own conclusions!


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