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Australians Online More Often, via Multiple Devices

According to the latest ACMA Communications Report, Australians are engaging more deeply online with multiple devices and going online more often.  Mobile phones are now on par with laptops as the most popular devices to access the internet and a quarter of us go online using more than 5 devices.

Australians use Multiple Devices to Access the Internet (ACMA chart)

The report drew attention to growth in usage of over-the-top (OTT) services such as messaging apps, voice calling services like Skype and audio or video content services such as Netflix and Spotify.  OTT services are any that are delivered by an app over an existing service – like the cellular or broadband network.  With increasing amounts of data downloaded over mobile handsets, a lot of this growth is attributable to OTT services.

Although Australians report being largely satisfied with their traditional communications services, perhaps they find OTT services like messaging more compelling and compatible with their lifestyles.  Australians have flocked to OTT  messaging services in recent years with 65% using communications services via a social network and 42% using instant messaging.  Access to these communications services mean we are abandoning our home phones, with calls made from fixed lines in steep decline.   The number of adults making calls from fixed lines has dropped to 68% and already more than 5 million Australians no longer have a fixed line at home, preferring to rely solely on their mobile phone.

Increasingly, Australians are using their multiple devices to access the internet.  In fact over a quarter of adult Australians now access the internet over five or more devices.  Mobile phones are now on par with laptop computers as the most often used device to access the internet.    With 79% using their mobile phone to access the internet, access via desktop in decline, down a further 6% points to 61% of online adults at May 2015.   Tablet usage is also up, with more than half of Australians using tablets to access the internet.

Which devices do Australians use to access the internet (ACMA Chart)

To save you trawling through the 150 page document, we’ve collated some of the most interesting findings from the ACMA report for your convenience:

  • 94% of Australians over 18 have a mobile phone and 74% have a smartphone
  • 13.41 million adult australians used a smartphone at May 2015, up from 12.07 million the previous year
  • 9.7 million adult australians access the internet via a tablet (up 3 percentage points in the last year)
  • 79% of online adult Australians used the internet over mobile phones at May 2015
  • 61% of online adults accessed the internet using a desktop computer. 
  • 53% of adult Australians access the internet via tablet
  • Mobile phones are now on par with laptop computers as the most often used device to access the internet
  • The volume of data downloaded via mobile handset increased by 85% from the previous year to the quarter ending June 2015
  • 53% of adult Australians (9.62 million people) watched professional online video content
  • 34% of Australian adults watched online television or online professionally-produced video content in a given week
  • 65% of adult Australians used social networking and 42 per cent instant messaging
  • 15.8 million Australians had access to the internet in their home at June 2015.
  • The percentage of Australians accessing the internet over five or more devices increased by three percentage points to 26% at May 2015.
  • 77% of online Australians banked or paid a bill online, 72% used social networking and 71% accessed government websites.
  • Revenue from online sales by businesses in Australia reached $266.8 billion during 2013–14, up $20 billion over the previous year
  • 5.3 million Australians have a mobile phone and no fixed line telephone at home, up from 4.9 million the previous year.
  • 56% of 25 – 34 year olds and 45% of 18 – 24 year olds are mobile only users
  • 66% of adult Australians access the internet 3 or more times a day

Australians who access the internet more than 3 times per day

Visit the ACMA website to download the 2014-15 ACMA Communications Report in full and see ACMA’s fast facts and press release.

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