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Cross Platform Consumers – Aussies Embrace Triple Screening

Last week, Telstra and Nielsen launched their annual study on smartphone usage amongst Australians. The 2014 Telstra Smartphone Index focussed on cross platform consumers, identifying the emerging trend of Triple Screening.

According to the study, 42% of Australians engage simultaneously with 3 screens at once usually a smartphone, laptop or tablet and the TV. The younger generation – sometimes described as Millenials – are leading the charge, with 69% of 16-24 year olds triple screening regularly.

So what does this mean for Advertisers? As more people become multi-device owners and engage in double and triple screening behavior, the more competition there is for the attention of viewers. On the other hand, there is significantly more opportunity to reach viewers on multiple platforms, simultaneously, enabling marketers to reinforce and enhance messaging across platforms using combinations of screens.

To overview the 2014 Smartphone Index, Telstra & Nielsen have released a White Paper called Cross Platform Consumers ‘Media Multi-Tasking and Multi Screening in Today’s Mobile Landscape’.   Below are some of the key findings from the Cross Platform Consumers White Paper:

Smartphone & Tablet Ownership

  • 76% of Aussies now own a smartphone,
  • 49% of Aussies have access to a tablet
  • In metro areas, 47% of consumers own their own tablet
  • 43% own or use both a smartphone AND a tablet
  • 51% of Australian smartphones are Android devices

Smartphone & Tablet Usage

As tablets and smartphones increasingly replace laptops and PCs for internet usage it is important fo rmarketers to ensure these devices are well considered in cross-media campaigns.

  • Smartphones and tablets are the main way we fill down time
  • 68% of active tablet users agree their tablet has replaced some of their laptop or PC usage
  • 57% of active smartphone users agree their tablet has replaced some of their laptop or PC usage
  • 64% of tablet users are connecting to the internet daily
  • The top 5 things we do on our devices are carrying out web searches, typing in URLs, using Apps, Bookmarking sites and accessing Email.
  • 74% of active smartphone users listen to or access music content on their smartphone
  • 79% of smartphone users access social networking content
  • 75% access social networking content via a tablet
  • Tablets offer 42% ad recall compared to smartphones with 38%

Dual and Triple Usage

  • More than ¼ of Australians have used two screens at the same time
  • 42% of Australians have used three screens at the same time
  • Single screeners are more likely to be male and over 50
  • Triple screeners are more likely to Affluent professionals or Young and unattached.
  • Mums with young kids are more likely to be multi or triple screeners

Multi-Tasking with TV

One of the most interesting findings is the strong relationship between TV and mobile devices when multi-tasking. This presents a great opportunity for marketers to reinforce and enhance messaging across platforms using combinations of screens.  Interestingly it is not the TV that is the viewers’ main focus when multi-tasking. When multitasking with a laptop, this device has the main focus, whereas viewers multitasking with a tablet tend to share their focus across all screens equally. This has important implications for designing campaigns.

  • When multiscreening with Smartphone, TV and Laptop, the laptop overwhelmingly has their primary focus (51%) followed by the smartphone (24%) and TV (16%)
  • When multiscreening with Smartphone, TV and Tablet, the three screens compete almost equally (smartphone 32%, TV 30%, Tablet 28%)
  • Tablets are more popular for multi-tasking with Subscription TV than with Free TV
  • 56% of multi-taskers have used their smartphone to find related content (eg. related to a TV show they are watching on another screen)
  • 77% of multi-taskers have followed up something they watched on Free TV using a smartphone.
  • Smartphones outrank Tablets for following up something heard on the radio, seen on TV or from a laptop or PC
  • Tablets outrank smartphones for following up details seen on Subscription TV or from reading a newspaper
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Telstra Smartphone Index 2014



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