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Expandable Banners Most Popular Rich Media Mobile Ads

Celtra releases a quarterly report on the performance of mobile rich media campaigns that have been run on their platform.  The campaigns are predominantly US based, but they provide interesting insights into growth and performance trends that are just as relevant in the Australian Market.

The Celtra Mobile Rich Media Monitor Report provides an overview of engagement data from nearly 60 handset and tablet campaigns across the automotive, entertainment, finance and retail industries and and focuses in on key metrics including engagement rate, expand rate and click-through rate.

The Celtra Infographic is included below and provides a detailed overview of the findings, but a few key points include:

  • Expandable Banners were the most popular rich media mobile ad format at 67%
  • Engagement rates for rich media mobile ads average at 12.8%
  • Video and gaming experiences are the most engaging rich media mobile ad format
  • Users engage with social media through mobile ads with 8.7% sharing on Facebook and 12.6% on Twitter.
  • Most rich media mobile ads included direct response features
  • Most rich media mobile ads include an option to click through to an external service, such as an app store or website.

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