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Group M puts Mobile Location Targeting under the Microsope

Early this year, Tim Whitfield at Group M laid out a challenge to local vendors who claim to sell hyper-local geo targeting for mobile inventory.   He selected 5 local ad-tech vendors and asked them what information they needed to locate a customer for ad serving purposes.  Based on their responses, he identified that companies require a variety of different things of customers to deliver mobile location targeting:

  • Their IP address
  • Their Unique Device ID (UDID)
  • To download specific apps like TuneIn Radio, Relax Melodies, Words with Friends
  • To share their location with each app
  • To enable Location Services on their devices
  • To activate the Location Services IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers)

He then created a ‘digital information pack’ about himself, downloaded a variety of apps and committed to using them regularly throughout the day, as well as keeping the apps open in the background.  He provided all of the above to each of the five vendors and asked them to track him for a week and report back on their results.

Check out the full story on Mumbrella, where Tim shares the results from each vendor, and delivers a detailed insight into the realities behind the bold claims Australian ad-tech vendors are making about mobile location. 

Overcoming the hype: the questions marketers should ask about hyperlocal geo targeting.



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