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Half of Australian Mobile Connections to be 4G by 2016

A new report from Telsyte predicts that nearly half of all mobile connections in Australia will be on a 4G or LTE network by mid 2016.  That’s 3.5 years away – not long really.  I remember when I first heard the term LTE (Long Term Evolution), and at the time they were talking LONG term.  It seemed a bit pie in the sky.  Could we have imagined a time when mobile connections were a genuinely viable alternative to fixed line broadband?

According to Telsyte, the 2012 – 2016 report analyses and forecasts movement in the mobile services market, with updates on carriers’ strategies, MVNO performance, and end-user trends.  A combination of all of these factors have led to 4G service take up happening faster than initially expected.  Back in April, Telsyte predicted only 19% penetration of 4G by 2016.   Of course this is all dependent on the availability of devices that support 4G, and Telsyte have noted that there will be more than 20 ‘LTE-enabled’ devices available by the end of this year.  4G device for Christmas anyone!?

You can read more on the Telsyte website or subscribe to one of their services to get access to the full report The Telsyte Australian Mobile Services Market Study 2012-2016.

What does 4G mean to you? Actually, what does 4G mean?? I found a great discussion on The Conversation about 4G which is up to date and written in plain English.  It’s a good primer for the next few years when you will no doubt be hearing a lot more 4G buzz.

For another perspective and more great local information, Renai Le May from Delimiter  covered recent 4G activity from the major Australian networks and looked into the available 4G devices a few months ago.

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  1. This is going to a have a huge impact on content consumption especially video across all the wireless screens.