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How APAC Brands Have Nailed The Mobile Experience

Forrester’s Ryan Hart explains how brands targeting the mobile first audiences of APAC need to be aware that mediocre mobile experiences are no longer enough. Forrester identified the concept of ‘hyper-adoption’ where low barriers to entry mean there’s very little emotional or financial commitment to try new mobile experiences. Unfortunately, with hyper-adoption comes hyper-abandonment, and brands need to rapidly and continually enhance their mobile experiences to keep customers interested.

Staying ahead of the curve means brands need to be innovative, but innovation in and of itself is not enough. According to Hart, a superior mobile user experience will be a differentiator that pays dividends over the long term.  

Staying ahead of the curve means brands need to be innovative, but innovation in and of itself is not enough

In this article for Campaign Asia, Hart takes us on a tour of the APAC region, identifying brands who have really nailed the mobile experience by going beyond mobile innovation for its own sake and ultimately getting the following things right:

  • Delivering clear value
  • Optimising efficiency
  • Simplifying presentation

Hart reinforced the point that mediocre mobile experiences aren’t enough anymore, with brands needing to deliver clear value to become the top choice among competition. Taxi-hailing apps use innovative payment and loyalty solutions and shopping apps take advantage of location data to offer real time promotions that deliver clear value. A pizza brand streamlined their ordering process and offered tracking on mobile to optimise efficiency for customers and banks have developed intuitive drag and drop interfaces to simplify the mobile banking experience.

Read the full article on Campaign Asia for more details on these APAC case studies and insights.

The consumer’s mind shift to mobile means that companies who prioritised the mobile experience 3-5 years ago are now reaping the rewards, and seeing the most audience growth. It’s not enough to simply innovate anymore.  Brands who are not yet ready to build engaging mobile experiences, deliver clear value or offer genuine efficiencies simply won’t measure up to increasing consumer expectations.

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