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How To Identify Opportunities for Location Based Marketing

With almost every adult in Australian now carrying a smartphone in their pocket, the ubiquity of location data means a customer’s location can become relevant at every stage of a business and marketing strategy.   Price setting, promotions like special offers & coupons, direct marketing, and even product customisation can be impacted by new opportunities for location based marketing.  Now more than ever, the real estate adage ‘Location Location location’ applies to all things marketing.

So how do you start thinking about the opportunities in location based marketing for your business?  Rather than exploring the various technology solutions, instead bring the focus back to the consumer.  If you can develop a clear picture of how location information can help you to build a stronger relationship with your customers in the real world, you’ll be in a better position to seek the right solution for your business.


How to Identify Opportunities for Location Based Marketing

If your business is ready to explore location based marketing, you might like to start by asking some of these questions about your customers:

1. Where would you most like to reach your customers?

eg. When they are in a nearby suburb, while they are browsing your retail outlet, or when they are researching competitor products.

2. How would you engage with them in these locations?

eg. Location targeted ads on a social network or search engine, alerts triggered by a beacon as they pass by, an in-store poster promoting special deals for customers who download an app

3. What do you want to say to them?

eg. Special offers, new stock, competition details

4. How would location information improve the relevancy of the message?

eg. Time specific offers for immediate redemption, price matching on competing products, management of stock fluctuations in real time.

Smart mobile and tablet devices change everything about traditional customer targeting.  For some time, cookies have made it possible for us to target online customers based on their tracked history around the web. Now location takes this principle into the real world.  Knowing a customer’s location means we can offer targeted products, services and messages in the real world as comfortably as we have become accustomed to doing online.  Location based marketing is no longer a gimmicky catch phrase. Instead it should be at the core of customer targeting and relationship strategies.


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