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IAB References Insights For Better Mobile Campaigns

Many Australian brands have picked up the pace on developing mobile campaign strategies, but it’s often difficult without access to certain insights. IAB Singapore recently released white papers across the digital marketing space, to help mobile marketers progress their initiatives by fostering transparency between leadership and marketers. The mobile portion of IAB’s published research sheds light on smarter reporting processes, leading to better measurement of your mobile campaign ROI. Findings from the IAB/PwC Online Advertising Expenditure Report include:

  • Online ad spend increased by 30% since last year, driven by the rise of mobile & desktop video & display options.
  • Australian marketers increased their ad spend in display advertising by 43% within the past 12 months.
  • Classified & Search/Directories grew by 21% and 24%, to $1.2 billion and $3.1 billion.
  • Mobile and video recorded the highest growth across all digital ad spend, year-on-year.
  • Mobile expenditure was up 72% from last year, and split, with 33% appropriated to tablets, and 2/3rd targeting smartphones.
  • Less than 80% of consumers research both online & offline to find local businesses.


Mobile is now a $2 billion dollar investment per year. The study suggests the cost-per-click mentality is costing marketers their budgets, and can’t be leaned on to deliver a healthy ROI. Not only do they under-deliver, but older tactics like this one can actually harm brands that are already gathering contextual data from their consumers. Instead, brands should invest in learning from newer types of insights such as engagement, conversion, cross-device behavior, offline impact, and reach. By closely monitoring and incorporating data (such as with cross-device behavior) in their attribution models, mobile campaigns can not only supercharge engagement, but drive offline sales as well. In terms of multi-screen environments, IAB presses the importance of looking beyond single device metrics, and keeping in mind 50% of smartphone users in Southeast Asia use multiple devices. This data proves the importance of marketers investing their resources in mobile, a high-growth area that shows no signs of slowing. Marketers must look beyond the cost-per-click to achieve a sound return on investments made into mobile campaigns.

“As digital marketing matures, historical campaign data and new reporting metrics provide more reference points for campaign measurement. The framework allows marketers to use this data for far more educated advertising buys than before.” – Peter Hubert, LinkedIn’s Asia-Pacific head of insights, and co-chair of IAB Singapore’s M&S committee


Key Mobile App Metrics (via IAB):

Key mobile app metrics

The more extensive digital marketing becomes, the more potential there is for marketers to return to old data for mobile campaign insights. A Vanson Bourne study found 53% of respondents saying they often or always used their mobile device to research products & services before buying them. Until recently, brands have viewed mobile engagement as an extension of their current customer engagement strategy. But the increased number of consumers engaging with mobile content creates a heightened sense of urgency to meet their needs instantly. By combining historical mobile campaign data with fresh reporting metrics, brands can better subsidise marketing budgets and increase their mobile footprint towards a more lucrative ROI.


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