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If Online Shopping Was Real Life

In a helpful & humorous series of videos, the Google Analytics people have come up with a way to illustrate, in a familiar context, just how bad an online shopping experience can be.  Obviously they want you to better implement Google Analytics for your site to get the information you need about how customers move through your online shopping experience.

It is immensely important to make use of accurate data and analytics to make sense of customer behaviour and design an awesome and intuitive customer experience.  At the end of the day, this is all about putting the customer first, not the technology.   These lighthearted videos are highly relevant in the Australian marketplace, where traditional retailers are making their first (and often flawed) forays into online & mobile commerce.

If you know someone making these mistakes, perhaps you can send a little festive humour their way as a not so subtle hint 🙂

If Online Shopping Was Real Life – Mistakes Retailers Make



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