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Interactive Mobile: Small Screens Deliver Big Impressions

While interactive mobile marketing can elevate your brand’s message, marketers are often afraid of pushing consumers’ boundaries with campaigns that might be considered interruptive. But a recent mobile survey by Undertone has found that full-screen interactive mobile ads are not only well received, but actually have a positive brand impact.  According to the survey, smaller screens deliver twice the brand impact, and more than a 50% lift in ad recall. Undertone studied 3,600 members of the Ipsos National Panel, and concluded that from Millenials to Baby Boomers, full-screen interactive mobile ads deliver better ad recall and brand impact than standard ads on desktop.

Interactive Mobile Advertising Findings

  • Full-screen interactive ads performed 15% better with ad recall than standard ads on desktop
  • Cross Device Advertising created a 30% lift in the performance of full-screen interactive ads on mobile
  • Ad recall on tablets was 30% higher for full-screen interactive ads 
  • Brand recall on tablets was 29% higher for full screen interactive ads
  • Ad recall on smartphones was 53% higher for full-screen interactive ads
  • Brand recall on smartphones was 91% higher for full screen interactive ads
  • All age groups (Millennials, Generation X, & Baby Boomers) experienced better ad recall (44-67%) and brand impact (84-133%) with full-screen interactive ads
  • Complex brand messages are just as impactful on mobile screens as they are desktop and tablet devices.

In the past, marketers have avoided disruptive advertising, fearing it would turn consumers away from their message. But these findings from Underdone demonstrate how  full-screen ‘interruptive’ ads can have a positive impact. Of course the scope of the impact depends on the quality of the creative, but the performance lift is evident across the board, on mobile devices.  This means marketers need not shy away from using strong mobile creative to engage more deeply with consumers. Regardless of age group, consumers had better brand recall with high-impact and full-screen creative, and according to Undertone,  these ads were actually considered more likeable.

Undertone’s research found that all mobile devices offer higher breakthrough than desktop, but significantly, the smaller the screen, the greater the impact. From a creative perspective, smartphone advertising in particular should be well targeted to reach the right audience and leave a positive impression.  Undertone’s research suggests that for small screens, the bolder and more engaging the content, the better the brand’s influence, recall and impact on the consumer.   Rather than holding back for small screens, marketers should feel free to make use of all of the available screen real estate with bold, interactive creative that engages and entertains.  

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