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Is there a Tablet on Your Christmas List?

According to an annual survey run by AIMIA, 50% of Australians could own a tablet by Christmas.   This year, 38% of respondents to AIMIA’s annual Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index (AMPLIA) reported that they now own a tablet.  This is a substantial increase on last year’s figure of 16%.  An additional 33% of  respondents were planning to purchase a tablet within the next 12 months.  That would bring Australian tablet ownership up to 71% by mid 2013, with the 50% mark being reached by December 2012.

That’s a bit of a stretch on February’s report from Telsyte that suggested we wouldn’t get to 50% Tablet adoption until 2016 in Australia.  The interesting thing to note is that comparing “planned purchases” from last year’s AMPLI to “ownership” in 2012 suggests that most of the 2011 planned purchases of tablets did in fact translate to ownership in 2012.

If that pattern continues into the next 6 – 12 months we should see huge growth in tablet adoption and the subsequent increase in content usage and advertising engagement that you’d expect from such growth.

For 8 years now, the Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index (AMPLI) has been carried out with the support of AIMIA and the Mobile Industry Group. The overall objective of the annual study is to gain insights into the current and changing profile, behaviour and preferences of Australian mobile phone users over time.   You can download the full AMPLI 2012 report from the AIMIA website, or install the AIMIA iPad application, from which you can access all of AIMIA’s recent reports.

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