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Mobile App Marketing Budgets have increased 4x YoY

In 2016 the number of mobile apps is projected to exceed 200 million in the USA alone and absorb the majority of time spent on digital media. As a result mobile advertising budgets are expceted to increase 59% over 2014.  A new report from Kenshoo highlights the latest trends in Mobile App marketing.

In the last 24 months mobile has become the single most important device. Everyones got one, or two and there aren’t many moments during the day when it’s out of reach. For marketers the challenge remains – to attract the right people to your app and create recurring habits.

Kenshoo report highlights the latest trends in Mobile App Marketing on Social Media

  • Ad spend by mobile app developers has almost quadrupled year-over-year (YOY)
  • App Installs are up 346% since Q2 2014
  • The Click-to-install rate has increased 32%
  • Cost per app install has dropped 12%, even though CPCs have increased YOY
  • Cost per Install continues to carry a premium for iOS devices, although QI saw CPI trending down (due to influx of new advertisers and apps)
  • Just under 1 in 3 mobile app ad clicks converts to an  actual app install

Overall, Kenshoo’s data shows costs per install trending downwards, while ad spend increases over time.

Screenshot 2015-11-19 07.13.37






Costs per app install by operating system are moving closer together, with the gap narrowing on the premium for Apple iOS installs.  Screenshot 2015-11-19 07.15.14






According to Kenshoo’s data, Australian CPCs are higher than other comparable countries while overall spend volumes in the UK, Australia and Europe are still low compared to the U.S.
Screenshot 2015-11-19 07.17.02



To read the full report from Kenshoo, click here

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