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Mobile Devices hit 55% of Video Plays in Australia

As mobile devices rise to 55% of all Australian video plays, a new report from Ooyala shares fascinating data about local digital and mobile video consumption trends and shows us why we urgently need to flip video production over to mobile first. Ooyala’s report identifies trends in long-form video production and looks at why Millennials are more engaged than their older counterparts. According to Ooyala, Australia is leading the world in tablet usage for video consumption, perhaps setting the scene globally for growth in tablet use for rich, engaging and interactive content.  

In Australia, smartphone and tablet video plays make up 55% of all video consumption, with smartphones making up the lion’s share of that amount. This is almost 10% higher than the global average of 46%, demonstrating again that Australian audiences are enthusiastic consumers of mobile content when it is available. Tablet consumption alone is still at less than 10% of all video plays, but the data points to consumers choosing longer form content more often on their tablet devices. In fact more than half of time spent watching video on tablets is spent consuming longer form content of greater than 10 minutes in length. While TVs still dominate consumption of long form content, digital screens are the screens of choice for short form video, movie trailers and content like music videos. In 2015, 69% of all videos watched on smartphones globally were under 10 minutes

In Australia, tablets make up a more substantial portion of mobile video views than in the rest of the world, with smartphones being used to view mobile video 3.7x more than tablets – well below the 6.3x seen in the rest of the world. Australian audiences are choosing tablets more often than their global counterparts, and choosing them for long form content more often than audiences elsewhere. Ultimately while smaller screens are still more popular for short from content of less than 5 minutes, Australians are increasingly opting for the most convenient device rather than the largest device. Connected TVs are no longer the automatic choice for longer form content and Australians are designing made-to-order viewing to suit their own circumstances and lifestyle.

Below are some of the key findings from Ooyala’s study from Q4 2015:

  • 46% of all video plays for Australia were on smartphones and tablets in Q4
  • Tablets made up 14% of all mobile plays in Q4, up from 12% in Q2 & Q3
  • Tablets made up one in every 5 mobile views in APAC.
  • Tablet and smartphone video plays are up 35% in the last year and 170% since 2013
  • Tablets made up 29% of mobile video in Australia views compared to 22% in the US
  • 53% of all video views in Australia are on mobile devices – above the world and regional average.
  • Australia has the 2nd highest percentage of video plays on mobile devices in APAC, just behind Singapore at 55%
  • Tablet usage in Australia for content 10-30 minutes in length grew again for the third consecutive quarter, to 21%.
  • 21% of content between 10 – 30 minutes long is played on tablets
  • Mobile video plays (smartphones & tablets combined) increased in Q4 from 34% to 46%, while mobile phones and tablets increased 170% (from 17%) since 2013.
  • While mobile phones are still the device of choice for short-form content, 24% of content from 0 – 3 minutes length is watched on tablets.
  • 69% of video content consumed on smartphones is less than 10 minutes in length
  • Of all time spent by tablet users watching videos 65% was on long form content.
  • Over 25% use tablet devices to watch video content 30-60 minutes in length
  • Less than 10% view content longer than 60 minutes on their tablet devices.
  • Tablet users watch content longer than 10 minutes over 50% of the time.

As smartphone and tablet views continue to increase in Australia, local brands need to ensure they are developing targeted mobile creative that maximises mobile engagement. This is increasingly relevant for long form as well as short form video content. Developing video with a mobile first approach is the only way to achieve optimum engagement on these devices, and with more than half of video views now delivered on a smartphone or tablet, this is becoming an urgent requirement. Rich media and video content developers can no longer overlook smaller screens. Instead brands have the opportunity to develop the kinds of engaging and interactive content that excel in the mobile environment. The trend towards mobile screens offers brands the exciting opportunity to create richer and more interactive content, better suited to mobile devices and leading to deeper engagement and stronger ROI than ever before.  


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