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Mobile Empowers Cross-Media Advertising Campaigns

The IAB aimed its recent research at discovering the effectiveness of cross-media advertising campaigns. Tremendous findings paint a clear picture of the rise of digital, and more specifically, mobile advertising effectiveness. With many brands at a loss of supercharging mobile strategies for the year, digital advertising is a critical component in designing campaigns that meet their ROI goals and the needs of their consumers.

Research Now conducted the IAB Cross-Media Ad Effectiveness Study in two parts across five verticals, including retail, CPG, automotive, media, and finance, and revealed that combining desktop, mobile app, and mobile web advertising is an effective way to drive brand impact. In short, this study showed a complete picture of mobile advertising’s impact on cross-media campaigns, and just how effective it is in addition to traditional ad formats. Regression models were used to estimate just how much influence each media channel had on brand metrics. A summary of the findings are as follows:

  • Channel combinations that saw the best brand lift included both TV and digital.
  • Among auto brands, cross-media campaigns were strongly suited in building favorability and familiarity, with one major auto brand seeing a 25% lift in familiarity when using digital media to launch a new model.
  • Mobile in-app + TV + print was a strong driver of increases in lower-funnel metrics such as consideration.
  • Exposure to mobile ads meant a lift in brand familiarity. Adding any mobile web ad combination lifted brand familiarity by 19%, while mobile in-app ads lifted 16%.
  • Combining desktop + mobile web + TV advertising increased unaided brand awareness by 211%.
  • Mobile is a key component of total campaign impact. In fact, adding any amount of mobile web to the media mix successfully raised brand familiarity by 63%.
  • Combining desktop, mobile web, and TV boosted unaided brand awareness by 28%, and aided brand awareness by 94%.
  • For food brands, mobile drove unaided (top of mind) awareness at the highest increase, at 11% increase after ad exposure, and 5% lift in brand familiarity.
  • Combining digital with TV and radio drove purchase intent by 90%, and brand perception by 68%.

Three recommendations for brands emerged from this research. First, brands were encouraged to include desktop and mobile ads as part of a total campaign, since frequency can be increased according to the model. Second, brands should include mobile and desktop ads in a multi-platform campaign for even more impact. Third, brands should monitor their campaigns and adjust the mix until it’s an optimal combination of mobile and desktop ads.

Considering mobile makes a stronger impact, brands still spend more on traditional advertising campaigns. But brands would do best to optimise the frequency of their digital ads, as this research showed doing so effectively doubled the maximum effect across each brand metric, achieving a better ROI. And while mobile web, desktop, and TV advertising championed unaided brand awareness (with a 211% lift), digital video and display combined with TV to drive large increases as well. While traditional media is still fundamental for each category, it’s typically part of a larger campaign where mobile and desktop still play their roles. Mobile’s strong, positive effect on brand impact, given its smaller footprint within a campaign, shows its ability to empower cross-media advertising campaigns and boost engagement. The addition of mobile advertising to a media mix raised awareness, familiarity, brand consideration, and the desire to seek more info. Media plans that include digital executed at the same time as traditional offline media consistently drove greater lift than just traditional offline media alone. IAB proved digital advertising effective in itself for some brand metrics, but found combining it with other media critical in reinforcing the brand’s message offline.

While digital advertising alone can lift brand interest and boost familiarity, combining other media with mobile is critical in reinforcing the message. In addition, the impact of video content across this study proves mobile and video lift brand impact and drive digital engagement. Over traditional media alone, adding mobile and desktop digital ads to the marketing mix empowers ad campaigns, creating a more effective outcome. For example, the auto category of this study revealed a 19% lift in brand familiarity when brands combined mobile web ads with any other media format. For brands seeking ways to empower their cross-media advertising campaigns, this study shows the increase of mobile web ads, and digital in general, would supercharge their marketing mix. Interactive on-the-go screens have taken the primary seat in our digital lives, and brands must make them a permanent fixture when aligning future strategies. Exposure to media across multiple channels drives purchase intent and brand familiarity – a necessity in staying relevant in this in-an-instant economy.
To read this extensive survey in its entirety, click here.

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