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Mobile First or Mobile Only?

Is ‘mobile first’ more of an ideology than a standard in digital design? This is the question asked by Brian Solis in a recent article for Advertising Age.  Solis notes that mobile is not really the second screen anymore, but cites research that shows marketers are still investing in mobile as an afterthought or ‘bolt-on’ to mainstream digital campaigns.

With consumers identifying mobile as a key, if not the primary resource in purchasing and brand selection, Solis believes brands need to make a large-scale adjustment in thinking.  According to Solis “At this point, mobile first may not be enough. To be successful, brands and agencies must think beyond mobile campaigns and start to think about mobile only as a complete foundation for the next generation customer journey.”

Mobile campaign elements are often isolated or out of alignment with broader campaign goals. The outcome is a customer journey that forces users to screen or channel hop to achieve tasks. Could an integrated customer journey be better achieved by simply focusing on mobile only?

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