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Mobile Shopping Habits Revealed

The 2016 Australian Connected Consumers report reveals a shift towards online shopping in the Australian retail market, with mobile shopping increasingly featured in the purchase journey.  The Nielsen report found that nearly all online Australians have engaged in some sort of purchasing activity online and around half have researched using a mobile device before making a purchase.

With around a quarter of Australians purchasing items online at least weekly, online shopping is not limited to desktop devices.  Consumers are using mobile devices more than ever, particularly to support decision-making, such as researching an item that they’ve seen in-store.  According to Nielsen, over half of Australia’s online population have done a form of mobile shopping, by using a mobile device to research and compare prices in store before making a purchase.  82% of Australians look at an item online but ultimately buy it in store at least sometimes, and more than half of Australian shoppers actually do this research while in store. In further confirmation of showrooming as a popular practice, 60% of Australians have researched an item online, visited a store to look at it, then continued on to buy it online.  

Retailers need be aware of these practices and develop strategies to provide customers with the information they need, so that sales are not lost to online competitors. Further extending  showrooming trends and practices, 27% of shoppers have reported finding a product in-store, then searching for it online and purchasing it from an online retailer, while STILL IN STORE! It’s clear that customers are becoming increasingly savvy to the availability of competitive offerings and are willing to sacrifice convenience for a better offer.


Other Findings from the Australian Connected Consumers Report

  • 1 in 4 Australians buy something online each week.
  • Brands see a small peak in online shopping at the beginning of the work day, while shopping continues through the day, peaking between 6pm and 10pm.
  • Most consumers between 16 and 59 browse, research, and purchase after working hours, between 6pm and 8pm.
  • Consumers age 60+ however, do their online shopping in the morning, between 9am and 12pm.  They are also more likely to purchase wine online than any other demographic.
  • Two-thirds of Australians use a form of contactless payment, such as Paypass or PayWave, a 33% increase on the previous year.


mobile shopping


mobile shopping

Top Product Categories for Online Shopping

  • The top categories for online purchases are clothing/shoes/accessories, concert/event tickets, food & grocery items, and cosmetics/perfume/skincare, in that order.
  • In 2015, 46% of Australians purchased clothing, shoes, or accessories within the past 6 months,up from 32% in 2014.
  • 21% of consumers surveyed had purchased cosmetics, skincare, or perfume in the past month, up from 16% in 2014.
  • 25% of Australians bought concert or event tickets within the past 6 months, compared to 18% in 2014.
  • 24% of Australians purchased food and grocery items online within the past 6 months up from 16% in 2014.

Nielsen’s recent press release had a focus on the Food and Grocery category, identifying some of the important decision making processes for shoppers in this category.  What they found was that when customers are researching products online, their top content priorities were price, product details such as ingredients and nutritional panel information and information on where to buy.  No doubt these content needs would vary across different categories, and would be invaluable for brands when developing product and content strategies that promote mobile shopping.  It’s possible to purchase a full copy of Nielsen’s 2016 Connected Consumers Report on the Nielsen website.


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