Mobile Marketing

Mobile Video Advertising has doubled this year.

In April this year IAB Australia published a report saying “over the next 12 months buyers are expected to significantly increase their use of:

  • mobile video (from 80 percent of buyers to 93 percent including in their campaigns)
  • native (50 percent to 75 percent)
  • in-app (50 percent to 70 percent)
  • search (77 percent to 85 percent)

Recently Sizmek has published analysis, strategies and benchmarks in their latest Video Index Report. This report continues to highlight the continued trend in Mobile Video Advertising, changes in consumption and increase media spend.

The report highlights the importance of matching technology and strategy to get the best digital video reach with innovative and compelling experiences.

We know duplicating TV advertising on digital or mobile platforms does not take user experience into consideration. As new opportunities with Interactive mobile video become popular with consumers we’ll see an increased investment by advertisers.

Year on year mobile video advertising has doubled paving the way for continued growth in 2016.

“Advertising that included video was included in nearly 15% of all digital ads in the first half of 2015, growing from just under 9% during the same period in 2013. Mobile advertising, which shows the fastest growth over the two-year period, includes formats that also contain video”.


mobile video trend


The report also highlights another important trend. People are increasingly starting and watching videos ads in their entirety. Almost 70% of videos played are watched from start to finish more people are watching video adverts without skipping or abandoning the content.

This has to be good news for advertisers.


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