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New research shows iOS usage dominates in Australia

New research shows that iOS devices contribute the lions share of revenue from mobile advertising in Australia, bucking regional trends in favour of Android devices.  The new data highlights the risk of assuming Australian audience behaviour reflects the broader APAC region.

Global and regional data published in the 2015 APAC State of Mobile Advertising Report highlights key insights and trends for mobile advertisers across the Asia Pacific region.

While Android stands out across the region as the market leader based on impressions and mobile ad revenue, in Australia iOS usage dominates, with Apple’s smartphone OS coming out as the clear leader in both categories.

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Australia also stands out as a unique market when it comes to mobile video advertising.  The report states;

“Australia has the highest ratio of video ad impressions to overall impressions and is currently the global leader in revenue driven by video, with a disproportionate amount coming from that ad type.”

Almost 20% of all mobile video advertising in APAC occurs in Australia while it only accounts for 4% of all advertising in the region. While other countries in APAC have good rates of mobile video advertising, the market is stalling due to the high numbers of feature phones limiting the monetisation options there.

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Finally lets take a look at one segment; Gamers. The results from this report state:

“In Australia, the vast majority of Gamers (83%) are using Apple devices, with just 17% on Android. In contrast, Android is the dominant OS for Gamers residing in the rest of the countries in this study, with 65% using Android-powered devices, 18% on iOS, and nearly 17% using “other” devices.”

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Did you know the most popular mobile game across APAC is Cut the Rope, while in Australia the most popular game is Smashy Road.

For all the mobile advertising trends from Q4 2015, get the full APAC State of Mobile Advertising Report 2015 from Opera Mediaworks.

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