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The Snakk Blog Newsletter is a monthly update with all you need to know about Mobile Media, Marketing & Advertising in Australia and New Zealand.  We don’t share articles scattergun.  We read everything, make sure it’s relevant and pick out the bits you need to know.  You’ll get insight and analysis, not just a sea of links. If that sounds good to you, just complete your details below.

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Why do you have a blog? Is it just for self-promotion?

Often our clients have gaps in their knowledge about the local market and what’s possible with smartphone and tablet marketing. It takes time and energy to source and share the information our clients need to get up to speed on the possibilities and challenges in this space.  We could send you off to do your own research, but we know how hard it is to find locally relevant data and insights. So much of what’s shared on the web and via social media is from U.S or European markets, or lumps us in with the broader APAC market.  A lot of what you read simply doesn’t apply to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

We’re not interested in taking your money and running a bad campaign just because you don’t have access to the right information. It’s a waste of our time and yours, and you probably won’t come back. We do our best work when our clients are well informed. That’s why we created the Snakk Blog. We want to support you to become the expert. Our aim is for the Snakk Blog to be your single destination for highly relevant information that helps you do your job better.  We do the hard work for you so you don’t have to waste hours trawling the web or scrolling twitter to stay up to date. We don’t share articles scattergun. We read everything, make sure it’s relevant and pick out the bits you need to know. You’ll get insight and analysis, not just a sea of links.

What’s the Snakk Blog about?

At Snakk we are the experts on geo-targeting and location aware advertising, behavioural targeting to reach mobile audiences, integrated multi-screen campaigns, mobile video and rich media advertising,  synchronisation of mobile advertising with social signals or traditional channels like TV, as well as mobile creative that gets cut through.  We write about all of this stuff on the Snakk Blog every week, sharing the best of local research, reports and global trends that impact us here. Snakk Blog content is shared on Twitter and Facebook but you cant see everything on Twitter, and we all know Facebook doesn’t surface everything you’ve liked.

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Is the Snakk Blog newsletter for me?

The Snakk Blog monthly newsletter is for anyone who needs more than just a surface level understanding of mobile media, marketing and advertising.  Do you manage, oversee, plan, book, create or brief advertising that uses mobile elements?  Do you need to reach audiences on smartphone and tablet devices?  Are you the official or self-appointed mobile evangelist in your organisation?  Do colleagues expect you to be the expert on all things mobile?  Are you the agency go-to when clients need advice on mobile trends, tactics and creative ideas?  Do you just like being up to date on this stuff??   If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Snakk Blog Newsletter was created for you.


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