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Nielsen Mobile Ratings: Aussies on mobile more than desktop

Nielsen’s first full Mobile Ratings Report identifies the top categories, brands and platforms for mobile content and apps in Australia.  Advertisers can finally access detailed information about unique audience numbers for top brand smartphone and app content and compare the size of mobile audiences in the major  content categories.
The new report from Nielsen includes detailed findings from July 2015.  It is the first phase in a major upgrade from Nielsen to incorporate mobile usage into the digital measurement system in Australia. This report is based on a representative  panel of 2000 smartphone users and 500 tablet users, and is designed to give advertisers more visibility into the size of the audience on smartphones and tablets in Australia. One of the key findings from this panel is that 60% of all time spent online is spent on mobile devices.  Every month, Australians spend 33 hrs 13 mins online on their smartphones, 23 hrs 41 mins on tablets and 29hrs 5 mins on desktop.
Smartphone Tablet Usage Time Spent Nielsen
Even so, Australians trail other leading markets in terms of time spent using apps or browsing on mobile devices.  U.S consumers spend more time shopping, watching videos, listening to music and keeping up with current news on their mobile devices.  There is plenty of room for growth in mobile usage, although there are a couple of areas where Australia leads our U.S. counterparts –  automotive classifieds and mobile banking have higher usage in Australia.
The nature of time spent online is also changing.  When using mobile devices, people engage in shorter and more frequent sessions than on their desktop.  Smartphone sessions are less than 1/3 the length of desktop sessions, but 3 times as frequent.
Below are some of the key findings from the report:

Time on Mobile

  • 12.5 million Australians accessed the internet on smartphones
  • 7.4 million Australians accessed the internet on tablets
  • Mobile internet and apps make up 42% of total time spent on smartphones
  • Australians 18+ spend 33 hours per month browsing or on apps on smartphone (29 hours are spent on desktop and 23 hours 41 minutes are spent on tablets)

How Australians use time on Smartphones Tablets Nielsen

Mobile Shopping and Banking

  • 9 million Australians used commerce or shopping sites
  • 5 million used commerce or shopping sites on tablets
  • 1 hour 19 minutes was spent on average using ecommerce
  • 75% of smartphone users connected to financial services

Video and Streaming

  • 10.7 million people used video and streaming services on smartphone
  • 5.2 million used video and streaming services on tablets
  • Four hours spent on watching audio and video on smartphone, and half that on tablet

A key focus of the Nielsen Mobile Ratings report is the detailed category breakdowns including monthly audiences across desktop, smartphone and tablets.   Top brands and platforms are also identified and ranked in the report.

Nielsen Mobile Ratings Content Categories by Monthly Audience

More data is available on AdNews: Nielsens First Full Mobile Ratings Report Reveals Digital Big Hitters or the full report Nielsen Mobile Ratings Report July 2015 can be downloaded at no charge from Nielsen


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