Omnichannel Shoppers: Coming to a Store Near You

Telstra recently released a whitepaper discussing a phenomenon they are calling Omnichannel Shopping.  Omnichannel shoppers are equally comfortable to research and shop on the internet or in a store, depending on circumstances.

According the executive summary of the whitepaper, Australians are shopping the omnichannel way already.   Most of the media around this report, and the key finding in the executive summary, have focused on the fact that more than 80% of online buyers also shop for the same goods they buy online, in bricks & mortar stores.  The report provides a comforting message to traditional retailers that “consumers are looking for a blended online/offline experience when they shop”.

I think the two pie charts below tell a far more intriguing story about a traditional market that is seeing the customer lifecycle turn on its head.  According to Telstra, 49% of Australian online shoppers have researched goods in a physical store and THEN bought them online.  And (wait for it) of these shoppers, only 24% purchased from the online facility of the original physical retailer.

Source: Telstra Omnichannel Shopping Report, Page 20


With more than half of Australians carrying an internet enabled smartphone in their pocket, Australian retailers should be thinking long and hard about engaging with their customers on their mobile devices BEFORE they walk out of their store!

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