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Personalisation and Mobile Devices a Top Priority for Marketers

Globally, marketers are encountering increased complexity as they shift away from mass marketing channels. A recent report from the Economist Intelligence Unit found that the top marketing channels are those that lend themselves to personalising the customer experience. To succeed in the complex field of targeted, personalised interactions, Australian marketers need to embrace and tame the rising tide of data and insights about customer context and device usage.


Australian marketers predict

The report collected predictions from marketers worldwide as to what makes their campaigns successful. 30% of global marketers rank a mobile and social-first approach as a top strategy that defines their marketing for major campaigns. According to EIU, mobile apps and web will overtake email as a top channel to customers. We’ve summarised the findings and predictions that pertain to Australia:

  • 86% of CMOs and senior marketing executives estimate that they’ll own the end-to-end customer experience by 2020.
  • 63% of marketers expect customers to experience their marketing efforts more through social media. 53% say the web, while 47% say mobile apps will allow customers to better connect with their marketing efforts by 2020.
  • 77% of Australian respondents regard email as their main channel for building customer relationships.
  • Marketers chose ‘better brand perception’ and ‘customer loyalty’ as the top two benefits of creating a more positive customer experience.
  • The three technology specific trends that global marketers believe will have the biggest impact are mobile devices (59%), personalisation (45%) and the internet of things (39%).

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Other top trends include predictive analytics, big data, augmented reality and wearable technology, suggesting an increasingly complex environment for marketers that relies on them having data and access to insights about customer context and device usage.

Marketers prioritise channels that enable personalisation

So much marketing energy over the past decade has been spent on understanding personalisation, and consumer expectations. In the study, personalization emerged as the number one priority  for creating value for both customers & marketers.

Television, print, radio and direct mail ranked heavily in the bottom four slots by marketers in the EUI report.  With social media leapfrogging the web, and mobile channels set to overtake email by 2020, there’s an increased focus on platforms that prioritise personalisation and engagement over mass media publishing.  Mass media channels aren’t irrelevant, but since they are best suited to brand storytelling, they provide fewer opportunities for personalised messaging. By shifting the focus to more personalisable channels, marketers can retain customers in fragmented audience environments. Brands that thrive in today’s digital marketplace aren’t road blocked by various screen sizes, but use contextual information about device choice and context to forge personal connections..

Consumers place value on the most personal experiences. They praise the moments where they sense an  investment has been made in understanding them and offering them value in the moment, as opposed to feeling bombarded with indirect advertising that’s irrelevant to their context. Context is everything and having access to contextual data means marketers can better understand what consumers want and need, the buying context or where customers are in the purchase journey.  

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Australian marketers are different

Marketers in Australia & New Zealand are more focused on acquisition than the rest of the world, at 53%, compared to the rest of the world at 42%. While global marketers currently rank acquisition, loyalty and customer relationships as their top priority, these areas are beginning to drop in priority.  Global marketers predict  a significant drop in focus on acquisition and relationships they  shift their attention to personalization and pioneering emerging technologies in the leadup to 2020. Compared to global marketers, Australians are less focused on new and emerging technology. 23% of Australians say this is a priority compared to 40% of marketers globally. While some see this as a warning bell for local industry, it need not necessarily be so.

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If global marketers shift their attention to emerging technologies at the expense of loyalty and relationships, it can leave a negative impact on brand equity, which can’t be rebuilt quickly.  Personalisation shouldn’t been seen as an emerging technology, but simply a tool to develop relationships with customers and build loyalty.  By keeping our focus squarely on these core values, perhaps Australian marketers will make better long term decisions about implementing marketing technology.  Australian marketers could do more to develop a mobile-centric approach to campaign strategy, but this shouldn’t preclude maintaining a solid focus on the marketing basics. It’s a delicate balance, but acquisition, loyalty, and customer relationships should always be a priority for successful marketers.

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