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Personalised Mobile Experiences Improve Customer Interactions

A fresh study for 2017 sheds light on mobile lead ad spend this year, and makes mention of the role more personalised mobile experiences play in engaging with information-savvy consumers. Starcom Media Futures issues a new survey each year in order to assess growth in both ad spend and return. This research surveyed individuals working in advertising, marketing, and brand management across industries including but not limited to retail, travel, food, real estate, finance, and more. A primary finding? Customer experience is failing the customer. Most interestingly, businesses scored themselves higher than customers scored businesses in every category. Based on the increase in mobile ad spend, and what respondents are saying regarding their plans for 2017, it’s safe to say personalisation and mobile experiences are both going to play a pretty unique part.

While ad budgets won’t rise by much this year, categories for projected ad spend witnessed increases, with mobile growing 10.9%, social up 11.5%, and both online video and paid search up 6.1%. We’ve specifically put mobile growth and personalisation under the microscope, in order to find out just how valuable investments in this area will be. As it turns out, pretty valuable.

  • 74% of consumers  think brands don’t prioritise their desires.
  • 52% of businesses say personalisation is one of their top three most exciting opportunities to explore this year.
  • 51% of Aussie businesses say mobile platforms are priority for investing in the customer experience in 2017.
  • 43% of brands say both customer service post-sale and email platforms are priorities for enhancing the customer experience.
  • 59% of brands find ‘consistency across all channels’ to be important for a brilliant customer experience, while 65% say being ‘mobile-friendly’ is critical. 62% said being ‘safe and reliable’ was of high importance.
  • 42% of media executives recognise the disconnect between consumers and business, and feel more connected to their overall strategy than they did in 2016.
  • 68% of companies plan to use mobile advertising this year, up 6% from 2016.
  • 60% of brands planned to use chat bots or live chat interactions this year, compared to 49% last year.
  • 32% say this year’s plan includes more experiential assets, up 8% from last year.

Last year, 51% of businesses in Australia thought customer experience was the most exciting opportunity, but only 6% felt comfortable implementing one. This year, businesses overestimated their ability to meet consumer’s ‘customer experience’ expectations by 61%, and their ability to engage on consumers’ terms by 40%. While brands know customer experience is critical, the few that are bold enough to experiment with unique, personalised interactions are missing data critical in making these experiences engaging.

Where data is reactive, desire is predictive. Brands must uncover real human motivations by closer examining the data they receive. It’s easy to say that people don’t act how brands want them to, but marketers must understand that consumers interact with technology to reinvent and simplify their lives. Late last year, CMO Council data revealed that personalised content is the number one driver of higher response times and engagement rates. Previous research last year found the majority of mobile users to be overwhelmed and addicted, so the urgency is there for brands to serve up personalised mobile experiences – ones that are anything but overwhelming or tiring. It’s important to note that Starcom Media Futures revealed- people no longer follow traditional paths to purchase, instead, they draw their own desire lines.

Mobile reliability and friendliness are still key, but just over half of marketers focus efforts on exceeding expectations in this area. Mobile friendliness ranked highest on the list of things brands said were critical for brilliant customer experiences, but disconnects linger between how well brands think they do this, and how often consumers agree. With personalised mobile experiences remaining key to providing better moments for customers, it’s time for brands to look to their strategy and experiment with options that facilitate more immersive, data-connected experiences.

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