Second Screening, Mobile Payments and Smartwatches in this week’s Roundup

Here’s a roundup of a few things that caught our attention over the last few weeks.  We’ve found reports on Multi-screening in Australia and the local uptake of Smart Watches.  We profile a U.S. report on the growth of mobile payments that has important implications for us as we prepare for holiday shopping in the coming months. Finally, Westpac lays down some predictions about the demise of cash, and how smartphones will feature in the transition.

Second Screening Now Second Nature

IAB Australia released research that explores new ground in the dramatic shift in consumers’ television viewing habits.  They found that second screening is now ‘second nature’  and 71% of Australians multiscreen while watching TV every day. Australians prefer mobile devices for any content less than 15 minutes long and when multi-screening, the second screen is predominantly the smartphone.  The research also highlighted the rapid growth of content streaming, with 70% of people who have recently purchased a Smart TV already streaming content at least weekly. Streaming is more popular in the U.S. where more people own and use streaming devices, largely due to the greater availability of content in the U.S compared to Australia.  IAB Study Finds Shifts in Consumers’ TV Viewing Due to Multi-Screening & Connected TV Ownership

Getting Mobile Retail Ready for the Holiday 

Apptentive have pulled together a bunch of data on the U.S. consumer market in preparation for the 2015 holiday season.  There are no local numbers but the trends are clear.  Last year mobile purchasing accounted for half of all online holiday purchases and big brands like Amazon and eBay report that mobile makes up about half of their overall revenue.  eCommerce is growing faster than overall retail (around 6 – 7%) which means that the baseline itself is growing, even as the mobile percentage increase. Check out Apptentive’s tips for improving your retail app before the holidays arrive.   Is Your App Ready for the Holidays?

Smartwatches slow to take off, while wristbands stay strong

Telsyte’s recent report on smartphone and wearable sales shows slow early sales for smart watches in Australia.  Around 200k smartwatches were sold in the first half of 2015.  This period was of particular interest, as the Apple Watch was launched in early Q2 (late April 2015).   Telsyte pegs the slow uptake to a lack of apps for the devices (something we raised a few months ago in our article What is the Apple Watch Killer App?).  It’s not all bleak though.  Apple Watch sales to date have already exceeded first quarter sales for the iPhone and iPad suggesting that things look good for Apple, if not for the entire category.  Compared to the 2 million wristbands currently in the Australian market, smart watch owners are still a niche audience, but it’s early days.  Read more about the Telsyte report here:  Smartwatch Sales in Australia for the First Half of 2015 are slow.

Westpac Predicts Australia to be Cash Free by 2020

According to Westpac, one in three Australians already use their smartphone to manage their finances and for these people, 53% of their regular payments are already cashless. Westpac asked Australians their opinion on future payment trends and found that most agree it will become standard to use a smartphone to make a payment. Four in five Australians also agree that businesses that don’t provide a digital offering will be left behind. Read more from Westpac: Australia to Turn into Cashless Society by 2022: Westpac

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