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Smartphones are Glue in Our New Multi Screen World

New research from Google has taken an in depth look at how consumers engage with the multiple screens in their lives, over a 24 hour period.  Google, IPSOS and Sterling Brand have conducted the research (presumably in the US) with a group of 1600 participants who were tracked according to their cross platform screen usage.  The New Multi Screen World. Understanding Cross -Platform Consumer Behaviour.   The resulting report includes a number of bite sized, quotable quotes about consumer behaviour in a multiscreen world.

Essentially, the results tell us what we already know – that consumers move between screens throughout their day.  Sometimes we carry out tasks sequentially, moving from one device to another to complete a task (eg. find a restaurant using laptop at work, then use smartphone on the way to find it).  Sometimes we carry out tasks simultaneously, on multiple devices (Watch TV while browsing Facebook on the smartphone).

Of the report findings, the following 4 really rang true for me:

Cross Device Tracking  “The prevalence of sequential usage makes it imperative that businesses enable customers to save their progress between devices. Saved shopping carts, “signed-in” experiences or the ability to email progress to oneself helps keep consumers engaged, regardless of device used to get to you”

Multidevice Search Strategy  Consumers rely on search to connect their experiences across screens. Not only should brands give consumers the opportunity to find them with multidevice search campaigns, strategies such as keyword parity across devices can ensure consumers can find the brand when resuming their search.”

TV and Simultaneous Device Usage Most of the time when TV is watched, another screen is being used. These instances present the opportune time to convey your message and inspire action. A business’s TV strategy should be closely aligned and integrated with the marketing strategies for digital devices”

Smartphones as the Glue Smartphones are the backbone of our daily media use. They are the devices used most throughout the day and serve as the most common starting point for activities across multiple screens. Going mobile has become a business imperative.”

Blogger Heidi Cohen has written a good summary of the findings, and has created her own list of Content Marketing tactics to Maximise Multi-screen Effectiveness.

Heidi Cohen’s 7 Content Marketing Tactics to Maximise Multi Screen Effectiveness

  1. Create focused, bite size content.
  2. Ensure your content (and/or website) is findable across devices.
  3. Display well across devices.
  4. Make it easy for readers to continue content consumption on another device.
  5. Keep email focused and actionable.
  6. Ensure social media content is device agnostic.
  7. Reduce keystrokes for any activity

Visit Heidi’s blog to see her analysis and the 7 Content Marketing Tactics in more detail.


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