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The Mobile Operating System Battle Continues

New data from Telsyte has shown that 44% of Australian smartphones are now running the Android operating system versus 43% on Apple’s iOS.  We recently reported Kantar’s figures that Android represented 67% of sales of new handsets in Australia, so it’s interesting to see Telsyte’s view of the installed base of mobile operating systems.

Kantar (Q3 2012) Telsyte (Dec 2012)
Sales Installed
iOS 23% 43%
Android 67% 44%


Telsyte puts the steep growth for Android down to the Samsung Galaxy SIII handset which they say has added over a million new customers in the last 6 months.   Assuming devices like the Samsung continue to arrive on the Australian market, it seems a fair assumption that the install base of devices running the Android operating system will continue to grow, pushing ahead of Apple’s iPhone in the next 12 months.

With device contracts running 12 or 24 months, the timing of new device launches is key to the replacement cycle. Anecdotal evidence suggests some new Android customers will move back to Apple for their next smartphone purchase – I’d like to see some research to back that up.   On the other hand, what is the pain of switching once you’ve invested all that time & money in apps on one platform?   No doubt also there will be a lot of new smartphones under the Christmas tree this year.

It will be interesting to see figures early  next year for Australia’s Q4 smartphone sales. What will Santa bring??

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