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What do Facebook users do on their second screen while watching TV

While Twitter has long been hand-in-hand with TV for second screen action, Facebook is rising to the challenge with new features like hashtag voting and polling for live events.  Although 86% of Facebookers use a second screen while watching TV, Twitter users are more likely to use their second screen for something related to what they’re watching.  So what do Facebookers do on their second screen?

GWI profiles the online population across 34 countries and refreshes their data every 12 weeks.  Every day their blog presents a snapshot from the GWI data in a chart. In this report GWI looks at how Facebook users engage with their second screen while watching TV.  They found that second screen trends on Facebook include chatting with their friends 48% and…

  • 44 percent check Facebook and other social networks.
  • 36 percent read news.
  • 33 percent play games.
  • 31 percent read or write email.
  • 28 percent search for products to buy.
  • 23 percent look for information related to what they are watching.
  • 12 percent share opinions on TV shows.
  • 10 percent interact with TV shows’ online content.

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